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Arrowhead Sprinklers of Hawaii on Oahu, HI, specializes in sprinkler repairs and tune-ups. We can repair everything from garden irrigation, broken heads and water leaks to electrical problems and timer adjustments. Don’t let your sprinkler investment go down the drain. Arrowhead Sprinklers of Hawaii can handle all brands and types of sprinkler systems and will work hard to get your system working in top shape.

Our experts on the island of Oahu are able to replace your sprinkler heads with low flow eco-friendly sprinkler heads that can save you money. The water efficient garden irrigation sprinklers are better for both the environment and the community. Studies show that these new sprinkler heads can lower your water bill and usage by 30%! By simply replacing your sprinkler heads with our water saving sprinkler heads, you can save money and the environment at the same time.

Arrowhead Sprinklers of Hawaii offers a variety of services for business and residential clients. We do everything from designing new systems to revamping old garden irrigation systems, caps and reroutes (due to pool installations, landscaping and additions), and troubleshooting existing systems. If you are having any problems with your sprinkler systems, call our office on Oahu today for an appointment!  

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A professionally installed sprinkler system does more than just save you the hassle of watering your yard or garden manually. It can also save you money on your water bills and add value to your home or business. At Arrowhead Sprinklers Of Hawaii in Oahu, HI, we specialize in irrigation systems, and we're dedicated to creating long-term relationships with our clients through hard work and affordable service.  

Options Galore

  Whether you're looking for a basic irrigation system or a more complex network of sprinklers, Arrowhead Sprinklers Of Hawaii has an option for you. We offer a wide array of sprinkler systems, including:

  • Automatic systems
  • Commercial sprinkler systems
  • Residential sprinkler systems

So whether you need an irrigation system for your small home garden or a large golf course, we have the training and expertise to install a solution that works for you. For more information or to set up an estimate, call Arrowhead Sprinklers Of Hawaii today.

  The latest innovation in sprinkler technology are nozzles that turn a standard sprinkler head into a precision device that can water your landscape better using 20 percent less water. These nozzles shoot multi-trajectory, rotating streams that apply water more slowly and uniformly than conventional sprays and rotors - especially when adjusted for specific site conditions. In addition to reducing garden irrigation water use, the water jetting from these nozzles is more resistant to wind, less likely to mist, and significantly reduces run-off on to streets and sidewalk. Do your lawn, wallet, and the environment a favor and call us today on Oahu, HI to ask about our eco-friendly sprinkler systems.

Arrowhead Sprinklers Hawaii on the island of Oahu can even replace the nozzles of your current garden irrigation sprinkler system with these eco-friendly water conserving sprinkler heads to help save the planet as well as your wallet. You do not need to install a brand new system to switch to a water saving system, we have the latest equipment to upgrade your current set up to an eco-friendly system. Unlike other companies who only install sprinkler systems, Arrowhead Sprinklers Hawaii also offers maintenance plans and system repair services so you will not have to search for another company on Oahu, we do it all!   

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Irrigation Sprinkler Maintenance on
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At Arrowhead Sprinklers Of Hawaii you will truly find irrigation specialists

Arrowhead Sprinklers Hawaii on Oahu, HI offers monthly irrigation sprinklers maintenance contracts for both residential and commercial properties. We provide services for the individual homeowner, homeowners associations, shopping malls, and other businesses. We usually specialize in residential jobs and system, but our quality services have been so top notch that we have been requested at other larger locations.   

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Gardening Sprinkler System

Arrowhead Sprinklers Hawaii of Oahu will provide a comprehensive analysis of any existing irrigation sprinklers system. We check for broken sprinkler heads, appropriate ground coverage, timers, valves and pumps. We then provide the customer with a thorough oral analysis report and suggest any additions or repairs. In addition, we check for water leaks in the system that can be very expensive if it goes overlooked. Arrowhead Sprinklers of Hawaii provides maintenance for your sprinkler system investment that will save you the hassle and money in the long run. Regular maintenance of your sprinkler system is important to find and fix problems as soon as they happen. At Arrowhead Sprinklers, we have our client's best interest in mind, to save you money and the hassle of dealing with a broken system. You can also inquire about upgrading your system with us.

Ask our team on Oahu about the latest advances in irrigation sprinklers, water saving green technology! We are able to outfit any sprinkler system with eco-friendly low flow sprinkler heads that can help you to save money on your water bill.

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